Financial solutions that flex with market changes and lifestyle needs.


Passive Income

The Flexmethod strategy is designed to support your income needs as you age.

Many strategies allow for checkbook access to your money without any early access fees.



Grow your money with peace of mind knowing there are minimum performance guarantees from A+ rated companies.


Legacy Benefits

Your personalized Flexmethod program considers your life’s financial needs while also providing for your family in the event of the unexpected.

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Nathan Stoddard
VP of Business Development, The Flexmethod

Personalized plans,
transparent solutions.

The Flexmethod stands out because it combines risk mitigation and investment returns.
Our dedicated professionals will build an investment strategy that meets your unique needs and is flexible enough to adjust to any unforeseen events.
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Nathan Stoddard
VP of Business Development, The Flexmethod

The Flexmethod Features

Personalized financial solutions designed to produce unmatched returns.

Tax-Free Passive Income

Over time, your Flexmethod strategy is expected to produce unmatched passive income to boost your retirement plan or lifestyle desires.

Checkbook Access

Many strategies allow for you to access your money when you need it without fees or restrictions.

Financial Freedom

The Flexmethod strategy is designed to unshackle yourself from some of life’s greatest financial burdens.

Growth + Stability

Flexmethod is uniquely positioned to provide financial growth and stability.

Ideal for Businesses

There are added benefits when The Flexmethod is used in conjunction with businesses.

Significant Additional Benefits

Your plan includes protections from many of life’s unforeseen dangers. Providing certainty for you and those you love.

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Nich Hughes

Flexmethod Client

Better Than Traditional Investments

“We're still in the process, but after the plan is in place and everything is organized, we'll be happy to have more funds available. Traditional investments like a 401k, IRA, or the stock market aren't for us. The tax-advantaged asset within the Flexmethod is where we want to be. Thus, it's the lion's share of our strategy. We'll have to decide what to do with the added cash we'll have for other investments, but when that time comes, it'll be fun. I recommend The Flexmethod to others because when done right, it can't be beat. Nothing worth it is fast or easy. The Flexmethod takes time to get in place and is a bit frustrating here and there, but in the end should be more than worth the effort.”

Yale Goldberg

PopID, Founder

The Center of My Portfolio

“I have a diverse portfolio of assets which includes real estate, traditional investments (IRA, brokerage, etc) as well as various capital investments in businesses - what I love about the Flexmethod is the stability and the passive income which happens on an accelerated timeline. It is my hedge against all other vehicles.”

Josh Trutt, MD

Josh Trutt, MD

Future Planning with Future Income Proofing

“I had a very concentrated portfolio. After I learned about Flexmethod, I spent a couple of months doing due diligence. Fair to say, they will also upend everything you think you know about life insurance. Combining the Flexmethod with your other assets offers the potential to supercharge your financial future. Most importantly, Kirk and his team are patient, are honorable people, and deliver great customer service.”

Flexmethod Insight

Our job as financial professionals is to guide you toward the decisions that will best serve you today and into the future.
Our responsibility is to ensure you understand why.
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