Real estate Investors Love The Flexmethod

You can maximize leverage inside of a cash-equivalent asset that requires no outside collateralization and maintain checkbook-like access to principle.


Start with one of the world’s safest
financial tools.

There are few assets which compare with the stability and longevity of real estate.

Most Flexmethod strategies use one of the oldest, most trusted, Tier 1 assets (cash equivalent). This enables you to maximize healthy leverage (self collateralizing) and capture contractual performance guarantees from A+ rated companies that have been around since the Civil War.


Maxmize Healthy Leverage

As a real estate investor, you are comfortable with leverage and recognize that leverage holds the keys to amplifying wealth generation.

The Flexmethod provides you a path to lever each dollar nine times without outside collateralization, operational risk of vacancy, unexpected Cap X, real estate market volatility, onerous borrowing requirements or other factors that impact rentability, disposition value, or asset appreciation.


Passive Tax-Free Income and Equity Liquidity

Through a novel approach, The Flexmethod applies healthy leverage to a Tier-1 asset. This is a very similar practice to what real estate investors do everyday by borrowing in order to buy and create value, with a few key differences and improvements.

The net effect is a customized financial strategy that enhances your real estate investing by providing passive tax-free income and equity liquidity.

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The Flexmethod Offers What other Strategies Cannot.

The Flexmethod got its name because of the remarkable flexibility offered by the strategy.

What matters most in those moments, whether of opportunity or peril, is that you're in control and can come out the other side in a stronger position.

This is among the many reasons why the Flexmethod is beloved by real estate investors.

In building a personalized strategy for your needs we can offer what other strategies cannot, a unique combination of passive income potential, stability, and access to your cash when you need it.

Regardless of whether you are a new or seasoned flipper, equity builder, or silent REIT or SPV investor, the Flexmethod offers a series of highly unique benefits which often are hard to match in any other strategy. The Flexmethod is an excellent accompaniment to those strategies while also being a fantastic stand-alone approach.

Your needs are unique and the benefit potential offered by the Flexmethod is robust.

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Tax-Free Passive Income

Over time, your Flexmethod strategy is expected to produce unmatched passive income to boost your liquidity.

No Outside Collateralization

You don’t need to tie-up outside collateral, the Flexmethod gives you access to a unique, self-collateralizing asset.

Creditor Protected*

Many Flexmethod strategies provide creditor protection, providing you piece of mind — a valuable benefit for real estate investors.

Leverage + Compounding Interest

The Flexmethod strategy uniquely combines two of the most powerful financial tools, leverage + compounding interest.

Stable Diversification

The Flexmethod provides a stable, diversified asset that uses many of the principles of real estate investing to generate strong potential returns.

No Lock-Up Period

Many real estate investments lock up your cash for months, if not years. The Flexmethod has no stringent lock-up period.

Calculate what The Flexmethod can do for you and your portfolio now.