Amplify Your Crypto Gains

Want a tax-free income stream that safeguards your crypto profits for the rest of your life?

Think it sounds too good to be true? Think again.

Diversify to Create Wealth With No Market Risk

The cryptocurrency market is exciting, especially when you’re raking in profits. To balance the risk and rewards of crypto, it’s important to diversify and invest some of your money in safer, more predictable assets. 

Flexmethod is a powerful income strategy that generates tax-free income and long-term wealth by combining profitable banking principles with an asset that’s guaranteed to never lose value: cash-value life insurance. 

Safeguard your Cryptocurrency profits


No Capital Gains

Money you earn using the Flexmethod is 100% tax-free*.



Investing a portion of your crypto profits using the Flexmethod creates predictable, lifetime income and long-term wealth.


Double-Digit Growth

Flexmethod is expected to produce 10% (or higher) returns, year after year, for life.


Accessible Money

You can access your money whenever you need it with no government penalties or restrictions.


Zero Market Risk

Your principal and gains are protected from loss, no matter what happens in the financial markets. 


Retire Wealthy

Flexmethod is designed to provide you with abundantly more income during retirement than traditional retirement strategies.


Legacy Planning

The Flexmethod is designed to leave a lasting tax-free* legacy.

Intrigued? Of course, you are.

Schedule a FREE consultation with a Flexmethod advisor who will walk you through the process and structure a custom Flexmethod plan that can safeguard your crypto gains while providing double-digit earning on a tax-free income stream.


*Gains inside of life insurance are tax-free unless you surrender your policy