The Flexmethod will increase your company’s cash flow.

A cash managment plan designed for excellent income and growth without losing the safety and accessibility you require.

Better Than A Checking Account

Corporate Flex offers safety similar to a checking account with strong expected growth.

Instant Access to Your Cash

The Flexmethod offers instant access to your cash, exactly the same as your business checking account.

A Perk Employees Love

While your cash is working for you, your employees will also receive valuable benefits at no additional cost to you.

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Vince Covino

SeaQuest, CEO

High Reserve Cash Growth

“My company needed a place to put our reserve cash that would earn better than a savings account, but still provide safety and liquidity. Our new Corporate Flex Plan does just that and then some. Our key employees will get tax-free money back from our Flex Plan too. How many employee benefits can offer that to the employer? One of the easiest discussions I've ever had with the board. Completely happy.”

Timothy Cashion DDS

Owner C&C Dental

The Flexmethod Checks All The Boxes

“I have experienced two bear markets and know the hit your retirement can take. At this point in my life, I may not be able to withstand another downturn in equities. Enter the Flex Method. So thrilled to have found an investment that marries safety and leverage for a very powerful return. The Flex Method also enables me to provide a valuable benefit for key employees in my business. Combine that with beneficial tax deductions, this system checks all my boxes for a great investment.”

Flexmethod Insight

Our job as financial professionals is to guide you toward the decisions that will best serve you today and into the future.
Our responsibility is to ensure you understand why.
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