Big Opportunity for Small Businesses

Did you know you can use your PPP loan to grow your business, produce double-digit gains on your cash reserves and shelter your business from excessive taxes?

Think it sounds too good to be true? Think again.

Increase Capital by Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

Great employees are the lifeblood of your company in more ways than one. Flexmethod is a powerful income strategy that provides your employees with an important benefit and allows your company to create double-digit returns on cash reserves, year after year with significant tax advantages.

How is this possible?

Flexmethod centers around providing a valuable benefit to your employees that will help you attract and retain talent. As the owner of each policy, your company has access to the accumulating value, which grows predictably each year. Best of all, there’s no tax on your gains. You can even use funds from your PPP loan to get started.

Your employees receive permanent life insurance for their entire life, even if they leave the company. Providing employees with a legacy for their loved ones is a fantastic benefit, and you can use it as an incentive to recruit top talent.

Flexmethod Benefits:


Grow Cash Reserves

Flexmethod is proven to produce double-digit returns, year after year.


Accessible Money

You can access your money whenever you need it with no government penalties or restrictions.


Reduced Tax Burden

The Flexmethod typically provides your company with extra tax deductions and tax-free growth



You choose who, when and how your employees receive life insurance benefits. 


Zero Market Risk

The cash value of each employee’s policy is protected from loss, no matter what happens in the financial markets.


Employee Retention

Your loved ones are guaranteed* to receive a tax-free, lump sum of money when you pass away. Investing in your employees boosts morale, promotes loyalty and reduces turnover.

Intrigued? Of course, you are.

Schedule a FREE consultation, so we can walk you through the process and develop a custom, Flexmethod plan to grow your business, amplify your cash reserves and reach – or exceed – your financial goals. 


*Gains inside of life insurance are tax-free unless you surrender your policy