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In Pursuit of the Perfect Investment

Kirk Stafford is the owner and portfolio manager for Desert Rose Capital Management, Inc., a Registered Investment Adviser since 2010 that specializes in risk reduction through exchange traded options.  He manages over $130,000,000 in over 1,200 accounts.

Kirk’s early grasp of business and finance allowed him to start The Stafford Corporation, a successful business that, combined with his real estate and securities investments, allowed him to retire at age 32.

After feeling that he was not mentally ready to retire, Kirk decided to combine his talents and knowledge in the areas of finance and investing to help serve the needs of others. He went to work for a major, national investment advisory firm as a financial adviser. While there, his knowledge in the areas of insurance, risk management and estate planning were strengthened. During that time, he began developing what we refer to as an ‘Integrated Options Portfolio’ or IOP.  At its heart, the IOP consists of substituting the direct ownership of shares of stock and fixed income investments with a combination of exchange traded options and more conservative assets. This combination is designed to reduce risk, increase performance and provide greater potential growth.

Kirk has used insurance as a bond substitute since 2008.  In 2014, Kirk encountered a bank that would provide lines of credit based on cash value life insurance, regardless of a person’s net worth.  That discovery set in motion what today is known as The Flex Method.  The Flex Method is a way to amplify the returns on one of the world’s safest assets without losing the stability and safety of that asset.

Upon learning that there is a large percentage of people that surrender perfectly good policies each year and knowing that many investors would appreciate the stability and growth of life insurance policies, Kirk began the Cash Value Fund, LP.  The Cash Value Fund is the world’s first private fund that invests in cash value life insurance, while allowing the insureds to keep the death benefit.

In order to facilitate the purchases of these policies (which is a heavily regulated industry), Kirk started Aspen Life Settlements, a life settlement provider, in 2016.